In one of my uni’s writing classes, the professor let us go wild. So I took the opportunity to craft some kind of prompt. Feel free to comment your interpretations!

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In November, Sophomores like myself rapidly browsed my uni’s database of companies in our fields looking to hire students for six months. I prettied up my resume, then applied to 21 jobs. A few weeks went by, and the results came in. 6 companies wanted to interview me! So, all through December I worked with representatives to schedule meetings.

Let me tell you, 6 interviews in one month is tough for someone who’d never had a job before. However, they were all eye opening, some more than others. Specifically a small company whose goal was to help and guide immigrants/refugees to a better future. The interview for that job was a whopping hour long! All of my friends said it meant I was hired, but you never know. I didn’t want to get my hopes up either.

Other interviews were 15-30 minutes long, and each taught me a bunch of things about my career path, some more than others. Overall they were great experiences. Better to get a step ahead while in school, right? Anyways, fastforward to January 5th; my results came out. As others predicted, I got hired at the job at the immigrant settlement company. I accepted the job immediately.

Now I only need to wait for April to come so I can start working! But for now, I have uni to worry about. :>

– Spicy

2018 goals and 2017 accomplishments

2017 wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped it would be, writing-wise. I was too focused on getting my GPA where it needed to be (and still am) and finding a decent co-op job. I didn’t finish any of my WIP, and barely glanced at my completed works. However, I can’t say I didn’t do anything noteworthy last year, either!

– A Twisted Christmas got featured on wattpad’s Home for the Holidays reading list, which still blows my mind.

– My academic standing is better than ever after changing to a Global Studies major! It’s been super great. I even got on the Dean’s List!

– I got an internship! More on that in another post. ;>

– Planned and outlined one of the books I’ve been wanting to write; Candy Pop Corpse! I’ll talk more about that once its kinks are sorted out.

– This isn’t much, but I also supported my favorite artists a lot more openly. Buying CDs still feels amazing.

Now, for 2018:

Honestly, I feel like if I make goals with a deadline I’ll be more likely to procrastinate depending on what it is. So I won’t call these resolutions, but just things I hope to do.

– Edit a completed work because there are so many things wrong with my first drafts.

– Reach the climax of my newest work. I’m aching to write it down.

– Read something. I just need to.

– Stay on track with uni. All I have is me, after all! (Plus my academic advisor, career counselor, professors, peers…)

Even if I don’t get some of those done, the important thing is I attempted. Better than nothing, I’d say. Happy 2018!