A Quick Profile

When you finally complete the project you’ve put your blood and sweat into, it feels great right? All of that hard work went into something worthwhile and now you won’t have to worry about anything except adding the last touches. This doesn’t apply to only your academic work, though―it be anything from cooking to painting. Every second you spend crafting that masterpiece into something-close-to-perfection, your heart swells with joy and satisfaction.

For some people, nothing is more fulfilling than setting pen to paper. It gives them the opportunity to envision the worlds and characters they’ve spent months, or even years, developing and express them as a book. In most cases, authors write because they love to see their ideas become reality. And when you’re excited and confident about something you created, what better way to express that then sharing it with others?

That’s where Wattpad comes in. Launched ten years ago, this online community allows writers to share their work no matter what level they are. From beginners to professionals, everyone is welcome. With no promise of fame and fortune, you may think you’re left to fend for yourself. However, that isn’t the case. Although you do need to work hard, Wattpad offers an array of opportunities to bump up your skill, gain a following and have fun! By sharing your stories, no matter how long or short, you’ll be able to improve by requesting critiques from other members without charge. Without them, my stories wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today. Even then, I’m still improving with the help of Wattpad’s community. You’ll also have an extended number of beta-readers, which are people who will read over your completed manuscript and offer comments and feedback.

Showing your work to others may seem risky, but Wattpad protects your work from plagiarism as well. Occasionally people who are only interested in getting ‘Wattpad famous’ target popular books and copy their books, even going so far as to steal the name. But readers who are familiar with the original can report the book with the click of a button. Then, in due time, Wattpad’s staff will take the book down.

If you’re interested in publishing your work for commercial use, then Wattpad is a great way to put your feet in the water before you dive in. The community is filled with many accomplished writers who’ve used the site to their advantage. Many of them swarm the Industry Insider and Improve Your Writing clubs. Both are similar to forums in that they give writers the chance to discuss questions they have about what it takes to become a professional author.

Home to nearly two million writers as well as readers, this bustling network gives plenty of ways to have your name imprinted on the world. If your book is near complete and polished, Wattpad will allow it, along with a select few others, to be featured on the top of its genre category for up to three months. Which means you’ll gain an influx of traffic. Wattpad has also partnered with Sourcebooks, an official publishing company that’s always open to working with new writers. In addition to that, Wattpad offers many contests run by official companies such as TNT or Target to give writers the chance to have their stories published, and even bring in some income. An array of powerful resources are at your fingertips; you just need to find them.


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