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Umoored from Stress

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, I am now a Global Studies major. That’s something I never would’ve expected if you’d asked me what I’d study back in highschool. Now, after experiencing the vigorous dedication required for such a major, I knew it wasn’t for me. For my first fall term as a freshmen, I had maybe 20 credits. Chemistry, Biology, Math 101, English, Univ 101 Biology lab, chemistry lab and reiteratation class for both sciences. Needless to say, I was dead by the time winter vacation came.

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Camp Nanowrimo 2017


Somehow, I made it past my small goal of 8,000 words in April. Although most of them were used for outlining and a chapter or two, it’s still progress. When participating in boot camps like this, I’ve learned that I can’t focus on one story. So, I worked on any that needed some extra boost, like Words, A Twisted Christmas, or a WIP whose name shall not be mentioned (yet).

Anyways, no matter if you acheived or didn’t reach your goal, just know the important thing is that you attempted to. That’s what counts.

~ Sweets

Words, words…

Words! That happens to be the title of my first novel. I conjured up the idea of a girl eating words just for kicks, but after intensely discussing how far I could take the plot with an acquaintance, it evolved into something so much better. When I first started Words in early 2016, I had no idea where I wanted Ziva’s adventures to go. Rather, I had too many awesome sounding ones that I hastily crammed them all into one heap of a mess. That being said, I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong until I received an enlightening review.

After a while, I started again from scratch and don’t regret that choice to this day. I planned out all the knots and crannies I could find until I finally completed Words November of that same year. My point is, books begin and end with words, whether they’re good or bad. If they’re bad, look back at your work and see how you can fix your problem. If they’re good, that doesn’t mean you stop. Instead, keep getting better as you grow to be the best writer you can be.


Hello, everyone! I know I said I’d update weekly-ish, but college had other plans. So instead, I’ll give simple updates on my novels thusfar.

Words – has now reached 4.47k on wattpad. Super proud!

A Twisted Christmas – a glitch caused me to lose my last chapter, so I’m conflicted on whether I should rewrite it or not.

Plush Love got critiqued on Scribophile! I loved them. c:

School wise I switched from Biology to Global Studies major. It’s so much more fun for me! (*´∀`)

Any questions about me or my stories are welcome!