Words, words…

Words! That happens to be the title of my first novel. I conjured up the idea of a girl eating words just for kicks, but after intensely discussing how far I could take the plot with an acquaintance, it evolved into something so much better. When I first started Words in early 2016, I had no idea where I wanted Ziva’s adventures to go. Rather, I had too many awesome sounding ones that I hastily crammed them all into one heap of a mess. That being said, I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong until I received an enlightening review.

After a while, I started again from scratch and don’t regret that choice to this day. I planned out all the knots and crannies I could find until I finally completed Words November of that same year. My point is, books begin and end with words, whether they’re good or bad. If they’re bad, look back at your work and see how you can fix your problem. If they’re good, that doesn’t mean you stop. Instead, keep getting better as you grow to be the best writer you can be.



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