Umoored from Stress

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, I am now a Global Studies major. That’s something I never would’ve expected if you’d asked me what I’d study back in highschool. Now, after experiencing the vigorous dedication required for such a major, I knew it wasn’t for me. For my first fall term as a freshmen, I had maybe 20 credits. Chemistry, Biology, Math 101, English, Univ 101 Biology lab, chemistry lab and reiteratation class for both sciences. Needless to say, I was dead by the time winter vacation came.

The sheer amount of work I thought I could handle kicked my GPA down. Then I realized, ‘Hey, I’m studying Japanese on my own. I like learning about cultures. How about Global Studies?’ At the same time I felt torn between following my writing passion as an English major, sticking with Biology in hopes of getting better or dropping out altogether. But after much thinking and talking with my academic advisor, I switched to Global Studies and still don’t regret it. I’ve learned so many interesting and fun things compared to fall term. As for writing, my university has a Certificate for creative writing which I’m steadily aiming for with every passing term.

I feel content attending lectures and not feel like a complete failure. Almost like an achor of stress got lifted off my shoulders the minute I left. If any of you feel stressed or tired because of a choice you thought you’d enjoy―change it. You’ll feel a lot better.


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