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St. Joan of Arc Burned as a Witch and Herbalist, Jacquelyn McBain, 1996, Oil on panel. Presented at the PAFA Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms exhibition.

The work of art attracted my attention the moment I set eyes on it. The morbid and raw emotion could clearly be seen by the stark strokes of burning reds and charred browns. When I first looked at the title, then to the painting, two parallel thoughts bubbled to the surface of my mind. Continue reading A Visual Analysis


In November, Sophomores like myself rapidly browsed my uni’s database of companies in our fields looking to hire students for six months. I prettied up my resume, then applied to 21 jobs. A few weeks went by, and the results came in. 6 companies wanted to interview me! So, all through December I worked with representatives to schedule meetings.

Let me tell you, 6 interviews in one month is tough for someone who’d never had a job before. However, they were all eye opening, some more than others. Specifically a small company whose goal was to help and guide immigrants/refugees to a better future. The interview for that job was a whopping hour long! All of my friends said it meant I was hired, but you never know. I didn’t want to get my hopes up either.

Other interviews were 15-30 minutes long, and each taught me a bunch of things about my career path, some more than others. Overall they were great experiences. Better to get a step ahead while in school, right? Anyways, fastforward to January 5th; my results came out. As others predicted, I got hired at the job at the immigrant settlement company. I accepted the job immediately.

Now I only need to wait for April to come so I can start working! But for now, I have uni to worry about. :>

– Spicy

2018 goals and 2017 accomplishments

2017 wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped it would be, writing-wise. I was too focused on getting my GPA where it needed to be (and still am) and finding a decent co-op job. I didn’t finish any of my WIP, and barely glanced at my completed works. However, I can’t say I didn’t do anything noteworthy last year, either!

– A Twisted Christmas got featured on wattpad’s Home for the Holidays reading list, which still blows my mind.

– My academic standing is better than ever after changing to a Global Studies major! It’s been super great. I even got on the Dean’s List!

– I got an internship! More on that in another post. ;>

– Planned and outlined one of the books I’ve been wanting to write; Candy Pop Corpse! I’ll talk more about that once its kinks are sorted out.

– This isn’t much, but I also supported my favorite artists a lot more openly. Buying CDs still feels amazing.

Now, for 2018:

Honestly, I feel like if I make goals with a deadline I’ll be more likely to procrastinate depending on what it is. So I won’t call these resolutions, but just things I hope to do.

– Edit a completed work because there are so many things wrong with my first drafts.

– Reach the climax of my newest work. I’m aching to write it down.

– Read something. I just need to.

– Stay on track with uni. All I have is me, after all! (Plus my academic advisor, career counselor, professors, peers…)

Even if I don’t get some of those done, the important thing is I attempted. Better than nothing, I’d say. Happy 2018!

Sad to say, but I’ll be bidding farewell to my lazy holiday break on Monday. Back to school I go. Although it’ll be bitter goodbye, I’ll be saying hello to my first job in a few months! Right after winter term, I’ll be working with a company focused on helping immigrants and refugees feel welcomed. Super exited about it, as well as the classes I’ll be taking beforehand!

But before that, I want to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Right on christmas eve, I got to hand out care packages to about a hundred homeless families, which was awesome. Hopefully yours was as satisfying as mine.

Safe travels!

– Spicy

Long Time No Write!

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy for the most part. Summer vacation really zaps productivity from my agenda, but I’m finally back on track. I hope everyone’s been well.

As for me, I finally finished Persona 5 and I have to say, that game is powerful. It has so many plot points that caught me off guard and was an overall enjoyable experience.

Writing-wise, I’ve decided to unpublish some of the books I haven’t been active with on Wattpad. They aren’t gone, just in the drafts. Right now I want to focus on Candy Pop Corpse, Tapir and Words. Too many cooks makes a bad meal, after all.

Umoored from Stress

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, I am now a Global Studies major. That’s something I never would’ve expected if you’d asked me what I’d study back in highschool. Now, after experiencing the vigorous dedication required for such a major, I knew it wasn’t for me. For my first fall term as a freshmen, I had maybe 20 credits. Chemistry, Biology, Math 101, English, Univ 101 Biology lab, chemistry lab and reiteratation class for both sciences. Needless to say, I was dead by the time winter vacation came.

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Hello, everyone! I know I said I’d update weekly-ish, but college had other plans. So instead, I’ll give simple updates on my novels thusfar.

Words – has now reached 4.47k on wattpad. Super proud!

A Twisted Christmas – a glitch caused me to lose my last chapter, so I’m conflicted on whether I should rewrite it or not.

Plush Love got critiqued on Scribophile! I loved them. c:

School wise I switched from Biology to Global Studies major. It’s so much more fun for me! (*´∀`)

Any questions about me or my stories are welcome!

A Quick Profile

When you finally complete the project you’ve put your blood and sweat into, it feels great right? All of that hard work went into something worthwhile and now you won’t have to worry about anything except adding the last touches. This doesn’t apply to only your academic work, though―it be anything from cooking to painting. Every second you spend crafting that masterpiece into something-close-to-perfection, your heart swells with joy and satisfaction.

For some people, nothing is more fulfilling than setting pen to paper. It gives them the opportunity to envision the worlds and characters they’ve spent months, or even years, developing and express them as a book. In most cases, authors write because they love to see their ideas become reality. And when you’re excited and confident about something you created, what better way to express that then sharing it with others?

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