Long Time No Write!

It's been a while! I've been busy for the most part. Summer vacation really zaps productivity from my agenda, but I'm finally back on track. I hope everyone's been well. As for me, I finally finished Persona 5 and I hav to say, that game is powerful. It has so many plot points that caught [...]



For the second time this year, I participated in PitMad, a twitter event where agents/publishers skim through tweets for 140-character pitches that catch their attention. Apparently, A Twisted Christmas caught Alisa Gus' eye. Before responding, I looked into the publishing press she works for and came to the conclusion that though they're small and have [...]

Camp Nanowrimo 2017

Somehow, I made it past my small goal of 8,000 words in April. Although most of them were used for outlining and a chapter or two, it's still progress. When participating in boot camps like this, I've learned that I can't focus on one story. So, I worked on any that needed some extra boost, [...]


Hello, everyone! I know I said I'd update weekly-ish, but college had other plans. So instead, I'll give simple updates on my novels thusfar. Words - has now reached 4.47k on wattpad. Super proud! A Twisted Christmas - a glitch caused me to lose my last chapter, so I'm conflicted on whether I should rewrite [...]

A Quick Profile

When you finally complete the project you've put your blood and sweat into, it feels great right? All of that hard work went into something worthwhile and now you won't have to worry about anything except adding the last touches. This doesn't apply to only your academic work, though―it be anything from cooking to painting. [...]