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Webtoon Wonders: Issue #3!

Wow I am on a roll today! I’m back with another round of recommendations, this time from Webtoons. One a fantasy and the other a sci-fi. With that, let’s begin!

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2011_1_77_l (1)

St. Joan of Arc Burned as a Witch and Herbalist, Jacquelyn McBain, 1996, Oil on panel. Presented at the PAFA Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms exhibition.

The work of art attracted my attention the moment I set eyes on it. The morbid and raw emotion could clearly be seen by the stark strokes of burning reds and charred browns. When I first looked at the title, then to the painting, two parallel thoughts bubbled to the surface of my mind. Continue reading A Visual Analysis

Tapas Tales, Issue #1!

Recently, I discovered Tapas, a site combining two of my favorite things together: comics and novels! Although there are loads of features I haven’t discovered yet, it’s been a blast spending time in the close-knit community.

There are also many ways to support the creators you love, like through tipping or simply glancing at their ads. That being said, I want to introduce some of the works I’ve come to love so far. My next few posts will include a short summary of one comic and novel I was lucky to find. Some might require money, but there are plenty of ways to earn coins on Tapas, like I mentioned before.

Welp, let’s begin!

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Long Time No Write!

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy for the most part. Summer vacation really zaps productivity from my agenda, but I’m finally back on track. I hope everyone’s been well.

As for me, I finally finished Persona 5 and I have to say, that game is powerful. It has so many plot points that caught me off guard and was an overall enjoyable experience.

Writing-wise, I’ve decided to unpublish some of the books I haven’t been active with on Wattpad. They aren’t gone, just in the drafts. Right now I want to focus on Candy Pop Corpse, Tapir and Words. Too many cooks makes a bad meal, after all.