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Tapas Tales: Issue #2!

Glad to be back after another stressful term at uni. Along the way, I found some more great finds on Tapas. Just like before, I’ll give one of each kind of story I enjoyed: comics and novels. With that said, lets get started!

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Lezhin Loot #1

Supporting artists is one of my favorite past times, especially when I can read them online. Lezhin fits both of these requirements, in addition to having a huge selection of comics. Among the hundreds of stories, I come to present a pair who caught my interest almost immediately. Depending on your tastes, they’ll be worth your bucks.


Dark Heaven


Jeez, I finished this awhile ago and boyyy is this a feels trip. Racism, segregation, prejudice, murder and cults are only the tip of the iceberg as readers follow the lives of Simon and Connor, once an interracial couple now split down separate paths. I witnessed the complexities of their―and our―society in Dark Heaven. It’s a must-read for BL fans longing for depth in plot.

All Audiences



Without a doubt, Danzi has to be the most moving nonfiction stories I’ve read in a long time. It features the titular “Danzi” recalling her unfortunate life growing up as she deals with gender bias, verbal abuse and an overall troubling time growing up with her family. She handles it amazingly in her semi-biography, and I love how powerful her message is. The chapters are also cheap, so you can binge read at a quicker rate. Recommended for nonfiction lovers and readers who enjoy seeing people overcome their pasts.

Happy reading!

2011_1_77_l (1)

St. Joan of Arc Burned as a Witch and Herbalist, Jacquelyn McBain, 1996, Oil on panel. Presented at the PAFA Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms exhibition.

The work of art attracted my attention the moment I set eyes on it. The morbid and raw emotion could clearly be seen by the stark strokes of burning reds and charred browns. When I first looked at the title, then to the painting, two parallel thoughts bubbled to the surface of my mind. Continue reading A Visual Analysis

Tapas Tales, Issue #1!

Recently, I discovered Tapas, a site combining two of my favorite things together: comics and novels! Although there are loads of features I haven’t discovered yet, it’s been a blast spending time in the close-knit community.

There are also many ways to support the creators you love, like through tipping or simply glancing at their ads. That being said, I want to introduce some of the works I’ve come to love so far. My next few posts will include a short summary of one comic and novel I was lucky to find. Some might require money, but there are plenty of ways to earn coins on Tapas, like I mentioned before.

Welp, let’s begin!
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Long Time No Write!

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy for the most part. Summer vacation really zaps productivity from my agenda, but I’m finally back on track. I hope everyone’s been well.

As for me, I finally finished Persona 5 and I have to say, that game is powerful. It has so many plot points that caught me off guard and was an overall enjoyable experience.

Writing-wise, I’ve decided to unpublish some of the books I haven’t been active with on Wattpad. They aren’t gone, just in the drafts. Right now I want to focus on Candy Pop Corpse, Tapir and Words. Too many cooks makes a bad meal, after all.


For the second time this year, I participated in PitMad, a twitter event where agents/publishers skim through tweets for 140-character pitches that catch their attention. Apparently, A Twisted Christmas caught Alisa Gus’ eye.

Before responding, I looked into the publishing press she works for and came to the conclusion that though they’re small and have some flaws, there’ve also been authors with great experiences. So, I edited my query one more time and sent the first ten pages of my book. Even if I get rejected, I’ll be glad someone gave it a chance.

Best wishes to everyone who participated yesterday!

Umoored from Stress

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, I am now a Global Studies major. That’s something I never would’ve expected if you’d asked me what I’d study back in highschool. Now, after experiencing the vigorous dedication required for such a major, I knew it wasn’t for me. For my first fall term as a freshmen, I had maybe 20 credits. Chemistry, Biology, Math 101, English, Univ 101 Biology lab, chemistry lab and reiteratation class for both sciences. Needless to say, I was dead by the time winter vacation came.

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Camp Nanowrimo 2017


Somehow, I made it past my small goal of 8,000 words in April. Although most of them were used for outlining and a chapter or two, it’s still progress. When participating in boot camps like this, I’ve learned that I can’t focus on one story. So, I worked on any that needed some extra boost, like Words, A Twisted Christmas, or a WIP whose name shall not be mentioned (yet).

Anyways, no matter if you acheived or didn’t reach your goal, just know the important thing is that you attempted to. That’s what counts.

~ Sweets

Words, words…

Words! That happens to be the title of my first novel. I conjured up the idea of a girl eating words just for kicks, but after intensely discussing how far I could take the plot with an acquaintance, it evolved into something so much better. When I first started Words in early 2016, I had no idea where I wanted Ziva’s adventures to go. Rather, I had too many awesome sounding ones that I hastily crammed them all into one heap of a mess. That being said, I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong until I received an enlightening review.

After a while, I started again from scratch and don’t regret that choice to this day. I planned out all the knots and crannies I could find until I finally completed Words November of that same year. My point is, books begin and end with words, whether they’re good or bad. If they’re bad, look back at your work and see how you can fix your problem. If they’re good, that doesn’t mean you stop. Instead, keep getting better as you grow to be the best writer you can be.