Here you’ll find my previous and upcoming works.

☆ Ongoing Work(s) ☆

Tapir – Paranormal YA

Kumo, a tapir spirit―known as ‘baku’ in Japan―devours children’s nightmares for survival and the bustling city of Tokyo is the best place to hunt. With his sandman, Suna, they travel through dreams searching for late night snacks.

But when he’s attacked by a fellow baku, Suna takes him to safety in a distant village. Kumo feels a strange connection to it―one he doesn’t understand. His confusion worsens when he discovers that in this town, children aren’t the only ones having nightmares. Four adults in particular are plagued by haunting dreams, and Kumo’s what they fear.

☆ Completed Works ☆

Words – Paranormal YA

Straight-A student, Ziva Kritikos, loves to learn. She’s always been curious about new things. So when she wishes on a star to know more, she’s gifted the ability to eat words. More intrigued than horrified, Ziva eats to her heart’s content at first.

With knowledge comes power, and this can’t be more true for her. Every word she eats gives her everything she’s ever wanted to learn and more. However, the consequences of such a power turn out to be much more than she bargains for.

A Twisted Christmas – Fantasy NA

Every Christmas Eve, King Santa Claus soars through the skies to deliver presents in a sleigh pulled by eight flying reindeer. But until midnight, if you listen closely, you can hear his merciless whip snapping across their backs.

Krampus, the goat demon and punisher of naughty children, was once the king’s most trusted advisor, and even named heir to Santa’s throne. However, when he began to question the North Polian monarchy, he was exiled to the outskirts of Antartica.

Now, after spending a century in solitude, Krampus is finally summoned back to his home. Upon his return, he learns of how tyrannous the king has become in his absence. It isn’t anywhere near the holidays, but it looks like Santa won’t be the only one working overtime this year.

Plush Love – Short Story

For Elizabeth, dreams are where she can live out her biggest wish; being the princess of a world with all of her stuffed animals. There, she’s respected and constantly showered in love and praise by her fluffy subjects.

But in reality, she only puts fear into their cotton-filled hearts. After being ripped apart and sown back together so many times, it’s no wonder why the deformed plushies’ angry souls won’t rest until they return the favor.